51408446 cdbf1a4a4b m Step Five   Developing ContentWhen developing a website, you’ll need to structure your information into web pages. There’s static info for the site that won’t be updated that often and then there are more dynamic parts like a blog, photo gallery, etc. that may have content added to it frequently. When I plan out a new site, it will have an outline for static pages and then a developmental strategy outline for the moving parts like below:

  1. Static Site Information
  2. Fresh Content
    • important because it helps with seo and will bring repeat traffic and establish you as a strong voice in the industry.
    • Articles
      • Informative article on Tuesday
      • Part of a series on Thursday
    • Videos
      • New video bi-weekly, transcribed for a video post with accompanying transcription

For help on generating ideas, delivering quality content and writing attractive headlines check out my last post The Only Post You’ll Ever Need To Read About Developing Blog Content.

Content Strategy

  • Decide categories to write about for your site then develop article ideas for each topic. Rotate which categories you post under to fill content across the board.
  • Choose a schedule that is acceptable to work on and isn’t too spread out. I like to have articles written a week ahead of time. For me, I start out with a bunch of article ideas, then I’ll put together an outline of the content for an article and go back and fill in with paragraphs. This helps me keep my articles focused (I hope) throughout.
  • To help drive traffic to your articles, post links on Twitter, FacebookDigg, etc. There are some good plugins for WordPress that will help distribute your posts around the web.
 Step Five   Developing Content