536245891 d2c552a3bd m Step Four   Building A Website

Building a website takes a little bit less effort than constructing buildings.

Now for some tangible work on our business, building a website.The first money spent in this process will be here in making the website.

Hosting and domain name for 1 year: $81.72 ($6.81 a month)

  1. Domain Name

    You can buy your domain name through Host Gator with the hosting package below. Some tips for choosing a domain name:

    • Have your keywords in your domain name
    • Try to keep it at/under 12 characters long so that it’s easy to type in. Also, you should make it something easy for people to remember, although we’re going to be gaining most of our traffic from online marketing so people don’t necessarily have to remember the url and type it in when they get to a computer, it still could be helpful down the road if your site blows up and you become famous
  2. Hosting

    I just started using Host Gator in the last few months and love it. Great price and friendly, knowledgeable support team when you call with any questions.

  3. Installing WordPress -

    Installing WordPress on Hostgator with Fantastico, no need to reinvent the wheel here, Host Gator has a nice video tutorial on installing WordPress with a few easy clicks. No database or ftp knowledge necessary!

  4. Choosing A WordPress Theme

    There are an uncountable amount of great WordPress Themes out there. Some are free and some you have to pay for. You can search Google for “free wordpress themes” to find approximately a zillion sources. If you want something that may be a little nicer or have more options and support, you can get affordable themes at Themeforest or Woo Themes. Most themes are under $50 on Themeforest and Woo Themes has a standard theme or a subscription pricing structure, which in my book is great in both cases for what you get.

  5. Installing A WordPress Theme

    • Go to Appearance – Themes
    • Install Themes
    • On a Mac – You’ll need to download the zip file of your theme from where ever you find it, then upload it here
    • On a PC – You can do the same as above OR you can actually copy the link to the zip file of where ever you find it and paste it into the file name when you choose upload theme
    • Go to Manage Themes and click the theme you just uploaded, click Activate and voila, you now have a newly designed website
  6. Setting Up The Site

    Now here comes a little bit of work. The first thing I do is install my standard plugins that I use for every site. You can find them and instructions on installation at my post for essential wordpress plugins.
    Then you’ll want to do some general tweaking to your WordPress information:

    • Change the permalinks (Settings – Permalinks) to “/%category%/%postname%/” (no quotes) so that your page and post names have the category name and page title in the url instead of a randomly generated number
    • Change the tagline (Settings – General)
    • Check box so that anyone can register to the site as a subscriber (Settings – General)
    • Enable Atom Publishing Protocol and XML-RPC publishing (this allows you to work on your site from the WordPress iPhone/iPad apps)
    • Go to www.pingler.com and copy the list of Ping services right off of their home page and enter them in your writing settings
    • Add your Google Analytics Code to the Google Analyticator plugin
    • You’ll have an About page, a dummy post and a dummy comment on the site from the fresh WordPress install, once you update the About page and get your first post up, you can delete the original dummy post.
      *A tip I use for my first post on any site (as you’ll notice even on this one), I make my first post a welcome post with all the information about the site, and then I’ll use that same content for the About page.
    • Add a Contact page so that people can get in touch with you from Day One. You can either make a basic page and type your info on the page, or as I recommend, use the Contact Form plugin to create a contact form and add that to the contact page as well
  7. Working In WordPress

    The WordPress community is so vast across the web and extremely helpful, you can find tutorials for anything you’ll want to do. A great start is WordPress.tv. Here are some good 2 minute videos to help you get started with setting up the content on your site (literally 2 minutes, don’t be intimidated!)

There you have it, if you are even the slightest bit internet saavy, this shouldn’t take you more than a few hours tops. When you get it down to a science and have all of your resources bookmarked, it can be as quickly as an hour from nothing to full website! If you need any help, feel free to contact me with questions and I’ll do my best to help. Good luck!

 Step Four   Building A Website