96795910 2b18cc0fb7 m Step One Revisited: Choosing A niche   Getting A Little DeeperOk, so if you read my post for Choosing A Niche, you’ll know that I had chosen perfecting a baseball swing for Little Leaguers. Upon some further research with the Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends I decided that although this may be a good topic for a site, timing is everything, and since baseball season is really behind us, basketball season is coming up. More people will be looking for basketball instruction in the coming months than baseball.

I decided to go over to Click Bank and see what basketball guides they had that sold well and then research their keywords and trending. They have some quality sales going for shooting programs, ball handling programs and improving your vertical jump. Now I have to decide whether I should just really lock in on super specific training or try to work the market for basketball training and sell multiple products on my site. I’ll look into it and keep you posted on my decision and how I made it. In the meantime, any suggestions on how to attack this type of situation?