Learn from other people’s mistakes!

learnfromyourmistakes oops e1281987209181 The Easiest Way To Save Thousands Of Dollars For Your BusinessA lot of money is spent on investing in your own business when you are first starting out. Most of the time this is a necessary evil and there’s even a good argument that even if the money doesn’t return something tangible, it’s worth the learning experience. Here’s where we’re going to protect our wallets. Instead of spending money to fail (early and often is the advice you’ll often hear), why not learn from other people’s mistakes first before making your own?

Think about your strategy and what your next money-spending move is going to be and research other people who have done the same thing. Of course you’ll want to find out who succeeded and try to mimic their approach, but also look for people who have failed and learn what they did wrong. There are plenty of articles out there about mistakes people make when starting out, XX number of things you should never do, etc. Do a quick Google search for whatever you’re planning on doing and throw in “mistakes” or “misconceptions”. On the flip side, look for advice by searching for “tips” and you’re plan.

Of course, we’re always going to hit some speed bumps and get caught in the dip, but we can try our best to learn from other mistakes before making our own as often as possible.

What kind of disasters have you learned from in your career so far?

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