I recently heard on the Lifestyle Business Podcast (Episode #33) that the online business/passive income niche is really more of a “water-cooler” niche because its really a topic that is mostly used to discuss work in other niches. With that in mind, I decided to start this blog to chronicle my steps through creating an online business and share my experience for the betterment of the passive income community.

I’m not an expert by any means, my degree and experience is in communications and design, not marketing or business. So this will be a place where hopefully you will be able to help me as much (if not more) than I help you.

Also, this site will be able to provide a live case study for how I go about building an online business from start to (never) finished. I plan on being fully transparent and posting all of my steps and strategies which in turn will be consolidated into a check list for building an online business and if there’s enough useful information, an ebook.

So welcome to the site, please always feel free to comment and send suggestions and advice and I look forward to building a successful online business!