Must-do’s After Launching A Website

checkmark Essential Website Launch ChecklistFor every new project I start, I find it best practice to create a new profile. This way I can keep all of my information organized and if down the road I look to sell the site or have someone else manage it, I don’t have to transfer anything.

First I’ll create a gmail account for the project and create a Google Docs spreadsheet to keep track of all my profiles and passwords for the project. Here are a list of sites that I create new profiles for:

Account Signups

Create profiles

WordPress Plugins

Here’s my list of my essential WordPress plugins and a few more additions that I install after configuring WordPress

  • KB Robots.txt Creates a robot.txt file for your site and allows you to edit your robots.txt from within WordPress to control search engine activities.
  • WP Title 2 This plugin allows you to add and edit a Heading for your Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types, different from the Title (which is used in the navigation)
  • Exclude Pages This plugin adds a checkbox, “include this page in menus”, uncheck this to exclude pages from the page navigation that users see on your site.
  • No WWW WWW checks in, it doesn’t check out.

Site Submissions

Submitting your site to search engines and directories help builds back links and gets you to climb up the search engine rankings faster. This is where I submit my new sites to

  1. Submit blog to major search engines
    1. Google submit
    2. Yahoo submit
    3. Bing submit
  2. Submit blog to blog directories
    1. mybloglog
    2. Blogged
    3. Blogcatalogue
  3. Submit blog to detection sites and pings sites
  4. Submit blog RSS to feed directories