6 Google Search Tips To Enhance Your Web Exploration

At my first job out of college I was a freelance graphic/web designer at a major record label and my boss refused to ever help me with anything. Instead, anytime I asked him a question, he would point to a printed piece of paper hanging on the wall that said “Google University”. At the time, I thought he was a lazy prick, but soon after I had left there I realized he was teaching me the only thing I would ever need to know: how to find the answer to every question I would ever have.

There’s an old tale about the poor, hungry boy who goes to the fisherman and asks for a fish. The fisherman looks at the boy and refuses, instead giving the boy a fishing pole and says “if I give you a fish, you’ll ask me for a fish everyday, but if I teach you how to fish, you can have all the fish that you can catch.”

So, my dear readers, let me teach you how to fish.

Google Search Tips

Using Quotes For Specific Phrases

If you want to search for an exact phrase, put the phrase in quotes.

googlesearchtips exactphrases The Answer To Every Question Youll Ever Have

Exclude Keywords

If you want to exclude a word from the results of your search, put a minus sign in front of it (with no space).

googlesearchtips excludekeyword The Answer To Every Question Youll Ever Have

Find Similar Searches

Use a tilda to search for  synonyms of something, for example you want to find entertainment for a children, you could search entertainment for ~children and you’ll find results for “entertainment for children” and “entertainment for kids” etc.

googlesearchtips keywordsynonym The Answer To Every Question Youll Ever Have

Get Specific

Search A Specific Site

To search only on a specific site, enter: site:buildingmyonlinebusiness.com

googlesearchtips specificsite The Answer To Every Question Youll Ever Have

Exclude A Specific Site From Your Search

To search for something and exclude a specific site from the results (because obviously the only thing on this site is success).

googlesearchtips excludespecificsite The Answer To Every Question Youll Ever Have

Search For Specific Filetypes

To search for specific filetypes, enter: filetype:extension. For example, building my online business filetype:pdf

googlesearchtips specificfiletype The Answer To Every Question Youll Ever Have

In Conclusion

Google is the information king, once you harness its power, there is no limit to your knowledge. Soon, we’ll have mini-computers in our ears that can search on voice command and return answers to little screens we hold in the palm of our hands…wait, we already have those.

Go Beyond Google Searching

Pat Flynn has a great article over at Smart Passive Income on Quick Ways to Utilize These Non-Google Search Engines. He explains how to use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and iTunes as search engines to find great information on any topic that you’re looking for.

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